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Bill Moyers Talks With Trevor Potter About the Most Expensive Election in American History

November 15, 2012
Trevor Potter dissects and assesses the impact of spending on the most expensive election in American history on the November 16 edition of Moyers & Company.  Click here to see the program.

Excerpt taken from the program.

Many voices are claiming "money didn't matter, Citizens United wasn't a factor," but Potter disagrees. 
"Super PACs just upped the ante," he tells Bill. "If you're a senator and you have just been elected, or heaven forbid you're up in two years, you're thinking I don't have time to worry about deficit reduction and the fiscal cliff. I have to raise tens of thousands of dollars every day to have enough money to compete with these new super PACs… And that means I need to be nice to a lot of billionaires who often want something from me in order to find the funding for my campaign."

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