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CNN Interviews Trevor Potter on Campaign Ads Funded by Independent Groups

November 17, 2014, CNN

CNN interviewed Caplin & Drysdale's Trevor Potter concerning the legality of campaign ads funded by independent groups known as super PACs. These groups are allowed to spend unlimited amounts supporting candidates, as long as they do not coordinate with the campaigns they are supporting.  For the full story, please visit CNN's website.

Excerpt taken from the interview.

TREVOR POTTER, FORMER FEC COMMISSIONER: All of this is because you have outside groups that have been able to use unlimited amount[s] of money, very large sums. But they really want to be inside groups.

KEILAR: What's not clear tonight is exactly who posted the information or if any laws were broken.

POTTER: The gap again here is, the Supreme Court thought none of this was going to happen. They thought these would be  outside expenditures, totally independent. And the reality is there is a web of connections between  campaigns and these outside groups and their donors.

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