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Dianne Mehany Addresses Substance and Transparency Requirements at U.S. Trust and Estate Planning Conference

December 12, 2019
Speaker:Dianne C. Mehany
Program:Spotlight on Increasing Substance and Transparency Requirements
Event Sponsor:U.S. Trust and Estate Planning Conference

Miami, FL

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  • The move towards transparency and substance in the US and Europe
    • How much substance is required?
    • Intelligent structuring for economic substance
  • Evolving reporting requirements;
    • Information that needs to be disclosed; company ownership, rights of a beneficiary
  • Impact of worldwide information exchange; client and advisors
    • Advising on CRS and FATCA; compliance for non-US persons
    • Disclosure, KYC; what to do if your client is doing something wrong
    • Recent voluntary disclosure programs in LatAm; impact on structuring

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