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CANCELLED: Leighanne Scott Moderates Alternative Apportionment Panel at Georgetown's 43rd Annual Advanced State and Local Tax Institute

June 2, 2020, 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM
Moderator:Leighanne Scott
Program:Alternative Apportionment
Event Sponsor:Georgetown Law, 43rd Annual Advanced State and Local Tax Institute

Georgetown University Law Center

600 New Jersey Ave NW,

Washington, DC 20001

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States have traditionally utilized alternative apportionment to adjust a taxpayer’s apportionment formula in a variety of ways, such as from three-factor to single-factor sales or from costs-of-performance to market-based sourcing.

This session will discuss strategies that taxpayers may use to manage that risk, and will examine when it might make sense for a taxpayer to invoke a state’s alternative apportionment rules.

Additionally, the session will touch on the process to claim and apply alternative apportionment in select states.

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