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Tax Analysts Roundtable Panelist Christopher Rizek Discuss Tax Guidance Processes

August 1, 2011, Tax Notes
Excerpt taken from article.

The ‘‘inherently cumbersome'' process that Treasury's Office of Tax Policy and the IRS use to develop and release tax guidance could be improved with confirmed leadership, a streamlined review process, and the expanded use of ‘‘pretty good guidance,'' according to panelists at a July 22 roundtable discussion in Washington hosted by Tax Analysts.

Christopher S. Rizek of Caplin & Drysdale said that the Justice Department abandoned arguments for Chevron deference for revenue rulings and revenue procedures after the Supreme Court's Mayo decision. ‘‘I assume that means [informal] guidance is even further down the path of less deference,'' Rizek said. ‘‘But on the other hand, I've seen in recent years the Justice Department citing notices and announcements, things that . . . I would never have been allowed to cite when I was in the Justice Department.''

Click on the attached pdf to read the highlights of the panel.

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