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Trevor Potter Comments on How Scott Walker's Legal Battle Could Change Federal Elections

June 26, 2014, Time

TIME quoted Trevor Potter concerning a legal argument centered around Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker and Federal Judge Rudolph Randa. Local prosecutors were building a case around Walker's alleged involvement in a criminal scheme to survive recall attempts. However, the investigation stopped once Randa ruled that the First Amendment gives candidates and outside groups the right to coordinate spending on advertising, unless the money is used to support the election of a candidate. This constitutional argument could have serious implications for federal campaign finance law and could possibly change how candidates behave in the rest of the country. For the full story, please visit TIME's website.
Excerpt taken from the article.

"There is the potential here for the 7th Circuit to confront what is federal coordination," says election law attorney Trevor Potter, who is critical of the Randa decision. "That sounds like a Supreme Court case."

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