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Sharon Want Addresses Nonprofit Governance at 2021 Nonprofits & Associations Conference

May 20, 2021, 11:40 AM to 12:40 PM ET
Presenter:Sharon P. Want
Program:Overseeing Organizational Culture: If Governance isn't Part of the Solution, It's Part of the Problem
Event Sponsor:Association of Corporate Counsel, 2021 Nonprofits & Associations Conference
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Many of us are doing the work of re-thinking what it means to be a good person or good organization. For organizations, this means considering how being “good” relates to their legal obligations. A significant challenge in this work for nonprofit boards of directors and officers (and the lawyers who advise them) is how to ensure their approach to corporate governance supports their organization’s aspirational goals. There is no quick-and-easy solution. To help participants as they navigate these issues in their own organizations, the panelists will share what they have learned (and are still learning) from organizations they lead and serve. 

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