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Zhanna Ziering Analyzes PPP Loan Fraud at Criminal Tax Day Conference 2021

June 4, 2021, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Panelist:Zhanna A. Ziering
Program:PPP Loan Fraud
Event Sponsor:Criminal Tax Day Conference 2021
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“My client used their PPP Loan money to pay for their kid’s medical school…is this going to be an issue?” The Paycheck Protection Program has been something of a whirlwind as hundreds of billions were quickly shoveled out. Thousands of accountants found themselves drafted into service as loan agents - mostly unpaid agents. And, shocking, there was fraud. Quite a bit of fraud. Join us for a discussion of the government’s efforts to crack down on fraudsters who took advantage of the PPP Loan program, what the IRS is doing about it and where enforcement is headed on this topic.

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